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A part of Heather Henson's Green Feather Foundation, Handmade Puppet Dreams is a traveling film series that promotes independent artists exploring their handmade craft specifically for the screen. These films all focus on real-time puppetry, and allow artists to build their vision, and then breathe life into their dreams. 

Founded in 2004, Handmade Puppet Dreams now includes ten main volumes of films, two volumes for families, and many unique collections. With this series, Heather Henson and producer Alex U. Griffin have set out to showcase a new generation of puppeteers and puppet artists who embrace film as a medium for artistic expression. 

How do we get our films?

We have two types of films within Handmade Puppet Dreams; commissioned films, and collected films. Each serve their own purpose within our mission and goals to promote real-time-performed puppetry on film.

Commissioned Films

Films that have received funding from Handmade Puppet Dreams by way of our parent company, the non-profit organization Green Feather Foundation (previously Ibex Puppetry). Due to limited resources there is not "open call" for submissions. Rather, folks are encouraged to inquire or come as recommendations from outside organizations, programs, and events. Some of our commissioned filmmakers create the films entirely with the funding received, while others use it as a base for further funding.

Examples of our traditional commissioned films include
Lessons Learned,
and Melvin the Birder

In response to the pandemic in 2020 we introduced Micro-Commissioned films, which are meant to be made with limited resources, ideally at home or within a pandemic safe bubble. This program was limited to 2020 and 2021.

Examples of our Micro-Commissioned films include titles such as
Marianne's Onion
Cone of Shame
and Goodnight Shadow. 

Collected Films

These are films that have either been discovered through outside festivals, events, recommendations, or have been submitted by the filmmaker and chosen for potential inclusion in our “Volume” collections. 

Examples of our collected films include: 
Old Mother Hubbard (dir. Paul Andrejico),
The Whole World and You (dir. Frankie Cordero), and
Graveyard Jamboree (Screen Novelties).  

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