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Handmade Puppet Dreams Spotlight with Heather Henson

Heather Henson talks about her influences, family, and the Handmade Puppet Dreams film series.

Toby Froud | Lessons Learned

The son of famed designers and builders Brian and Wendy Froud discusses his short film "Lessons Learned," and continuing the legacy of those before him. 

Christine Papalexis | Amaterasu

Puppeteer, builder and filmmaker Christine Papalexis discusses her film Amaterasu, her journey in show business and the importance of female filmmakers. 

Lyon Hill | Junk Palace

Artist and puppeteer Lyon Hill discusses his art, approaches, and the journey within making Junk Palace.

Sam Koji Hale | Yamasong

Artist, animator and director Sam Koji Hale discusses his first short film, Yamasong, his inspirations and it's journey to the big screen in Yamasong: March of the Hollows.

Melvin the Birder

Producer Katie McClenahan, Artist Nicholas Mahon, and director Spencer Lott discuss the story and creating of their short film Melvin the Birder.

Raymond Carr | Hitori

This includes a segment on "Hitori: Recontextualized" that recontextualizes the film from the perspective of a Black person living in a White world. It is highly encouraged that you watch the entire original film before watching this. 

Pam Severns | Bunny Love

Comedian and puppeteer Pam Severns discusses her inspirations, being a female creator, and looks behind-the-scenes at her short Bunny Love

Kevin McTurk | Narrative of Victor Karloch

Creature effects artist, sculpter and puppeteer Kevin McTurk discusses his career and his first short film, The Narrative of Victor Karloch, featuring the voices of Elija Wood and Christopher Lloyd. 

Jamie Shannon | Legend of Rasputin

Creator, puppeteer and director Jamie Shannon discusses the creation and history behind his award-winning alt history comedy short The Legend of Rasputin

John Kennedy | The Sure Sheep

Puppeteer, designer and builder John Kennedy discusses the Muppets, Sesame Street, and his make-the-puppets-yourself short kids film The Sure Sheep.

Jonathan Langager | Cosmic Fling

Director Jonathan Langager discusses the creation and filming of his award-winning and Oscar nominated short film Cosmic Fling.


Director Anthony Giordano, Producer/Cinematographer Jason Murphy, and Artist Scotty Shoemaker discuss the creation of this ode to the silent horror films of yesteryear. 

David Michael Friend | Moonfishing

Designer and director David Michael Friend discusses his art and the creation of his delightfully dark rod puppetry short film Moonfishing. 

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