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2021 Micro-Commission Filmmakers

Finding Inspiration through Every Story

Ourselves inspired by the continued success of the 48 Hour Puppet Film Project and building on the communities formed by the 2020 Micro-Commission cohort and participants of the Puppet Filmmaking workshop series, Handmade Puppet Dreams is launching this second series of micro-commissions.

Handmade Puppet Dreams Micro-Commissioned Filmmakers 2021.png

"The 2020 cohort came together as this great little community when we all needed that kind of connection. Their diverse artistic backgrounds created a rich creative environment from which a remarkable collection of films grew. " said Executive Producer Heather Henson. "With this year's program we want to further nurture the creativity of our new cohort of puppeteers and filmmakers as they create quarantine-friendly, short, original, puppet films at home. We can't wait to see what comes from our 2021 artists."

Recipients of the 2021 Micro-Commissions are: Adnan HussainChamindika WanduragalaCharlotte Lily GaspardDan LuceJaime SunwooThe Boxcutter CollectiveLinda Wingerter, and Sifiso Mabena. In addition to a small amount of funds, filmmakers will receive on-going educational resources, and participate in a two-day puppet filmmaking workshop intensive.

For more information, see our announcement via Broadway World:


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